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About Brack Driving

The Driving Concepts program is for everyday drivers who wish to improve their driving skills. We believe that through education and training a driver can be more aware of what is happening around their car and be more proficient while maintaining a higher level of awareness on our challenging roadways by practicing advanced driving skills in a closed and controlled environment. We do this through both theoretical knowledge and practical experience in handling and control.

The Brack Driving Concepts program is the ideal opportunity to gain experience in a controlled environment in how your car reacts and to learn skills that you cannot safely try on public roads. Our program goes beyond the basic license requirements to become a more skillful and confident driver even during situations that can happen without warning.

Our race school is designed for drivers wishing to acquire a race license in order to race in sanctioned events in Canada and the United States. The objective of our race school is to provide the racing knowledge and skills in order for a graduate to be safe in a sanctioned race.

For those involved in competitive motorsport, we offer in-car coaching geared to the objective of the driver. We also offer precision drivers for various show industries.