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Frequently Asked Questions

Preparation Checklist

General Requirements

  • Vehicle brake fluid flushed within last 12 months (preferably less).
  • Tires in good condition (no cuts, bulges, tread above wear marks).
  • Fully functional seat belts for passenger and driver (same each side).
  • Battery secure.
  • A vehicle in excellent mechanical condition. It will be visually inspected.
  • Convertibles must have a roll-over hoop.
  • Open exhaust is not permitted.
  • All loose items removed (see below).

Waivers, Accommodation

  • Drivers and guests under 19 need to complete extra waivers (contact us at info@brackdriving.com).
  • Discounted accommodation is available at the nearby Best Western (613-969-1112) and Comfort Inn (613-966-7703) in Belleville. Mention you are going to Shannonville. Our special rate will not be available if you call the 800-numbers for these hotels or book online.

A few days before the school

  • Empty vehicle of any loose items (coins, papers, floor mats, pens, GPS, MP3 player, rear-mirror hangers, garage door openers, tools, etc.) from door pockets, glove box, trunk, etc.
  • Set your tire pressure to the maximum shown in your owner’s manual.

What to wear/bring

  • Weather can be variable, so bring layers to wear.
  • Hat and sun screen.
  • No bare legs are permitted, but short sleeve tops are.
  • No open toe shoes are permitted.
  • If you are going to have “stuff” to remove from your car, bring a tarp or container(s) for same.

Day of event

  • Lunch for non-participants is a modest extra. Pay for any extra tickets at time of registration. Lunch is included for the driver.
  • Arrive with a full tank of gas. Inexpensive gas is available at Shannonville Road and Hwy 2 or on Marysville Road south of Hwy 2.
  • Arrive at the track no later than 8:30. You will need to register (sign waivers and get a wristband – to be worn at all times) so that you can participate. The program starts at 9:00.
  • Guests also need to register (sign waivers and wear a wristband).
  • Registration is on the second floor of the tower in room 2B.