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A Special Moment with Lexus

Found this while cleaning up the archives, a real feel good story. Thanks Demi !!!   Hi there, My name is Demitria Chalkias and I wanted to share a story with you that really helped shape a new perspective of life for me. On September the 5th I had the pleasure...

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My rookie race season

By Sara Rowland - Ontario, Canada  Car details: TVR Vixen S2 chassis number LVX 1442/4 Race-built to 1969 specifications Last year I took the three-day April 2017 Spring Fling with Brack Driving Concepts, at Shannonville, Ontario with the intention of becoming a...

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Advanced Driving For Young And Senior Drivers

By Cass Edison You might associate advanced driving with Hollywood films or work as a professional driver, but the skills you will learn at Brack Driving Concept’s High Performance Driving program (BDC) will actually serve you well in daily life. According to MADD...

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Praise from Station Earth

You guys were great, all our attendees had a great time and learned many applicable driving skills. People were most surprised seeing what their daily drivers were actually capable of when driven as they were meant to be! Thanks again, John Stumpf -Sales Manager-...

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