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Fleet Safety Training

General Overview

This program is specifically designed for companies with vehicle fleets and employees on the road. Our training provides the opportunity to upgrade existing skills and introduce corporate drivers to specific tasks such as starting and stopping, controlled cornering, accident avoidance and other key driving maneuvers. We are happy to work with your internal teams to develop the right course to suit your Human Resources risk management requirements and your budgetary needs, including classroom-only option.

Program Overview

Our standard program provides drivers with the opportunity to fine-tune their daily driving habits as well as discover the handling capabilities of their respective vehicles and how best to apply those capabilities on a day-to-day basis. Our program is especially helpful for drivers that require confidence-building behind the wheel. Not only do we teach drivers to be more skilled, we more importantly, teach them how to drive safely in any driving condition.

Driving and situational awareness skills are taught and practiced over a full day in a supportive and enjoyable environment with a mix of classroom theory, and both on-track and skid pad exercises with an in-car personal coach.

Course Location

We conduct the majority of our training at Shannonville Motorsport Park in Belleville, Ontario as it provides the ideal combination of both high-speed and low-speed sections with various corner configurations as well as a large skid pad. We would be happy to use other facilities based on your individual requirements.

Companies provide their vehicles for this program.


Our fee is dependent on the specific requirements of each customer so please Contact Us