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Brack Driving Concepts 2022 Program Outline

Scheduled Dates

Sunday, May 1st   Sold Out

Friday, May 20th   Sold Out

Friday, July 15th   Sold Out

Friday, August 5th  Sold Out

Friday, September 23rd

Friday, October 7th

Lunch is provided for all participants (guest lunches may be purchased on day of event).


High Performance Driving Programs
We offer a wide range of programs suited to a driver’s skills – $560.00 +HST
Discount Programs available

Racer Programs
As a sanctioned race school we have programs and bundles to suit any driver from license certification to race craft coaching.
Programs range from $560.00 to $595.00 and a special bundle for $928.00 (+HST)

Be sure to book early – Registration closes 7 days prior to each event.

Please contact us to discuss events for:

Fleet Driver Safety Training
Custom/Corporate Events
Precision Driving for Film and Television