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For your own safety, please review the following with consideration before attending our courses

Experience Recommendation We encourage new drivers take our course; however experience tells us that drivers get most from the course if they have at least one year of driving experience on public roads, before participating in our program.

Drivers and Guests under 19 Our insurance carrier requires that drivers and any non-participant under the age of 19 must have waivers completed by a parent and/or their guardian, one of whom has to be present at the event.

Guests and Lunch Guests who wish to have the lunch and refreshments we provide to participants will be required to pay a reasonable fee before the school. Please contact us for further details.

Passengers Participants are not permitted to have passengers in their car, the only exception being an instructor. Guests may get a ride with any instructor during instructor track time.

Reimbursement Policy All applications are for the particular event paid for. Therefore, a participant’s tuition is only refundable (subject to a $25 administration fee) if they contact us in writing and cancel their registration more than 7 days prior to the date of the event or if the written notice is given 7 days or sooner to the event and someone on the waiting list takes their place. Otherwise there is no refund of tuition. A participant may reschedule to another event date with the above 7 day minimum notice and no administration fee is required.

If a participant’s car is unsuitable or cannot complete the day for any reason there is no refund.

Participants agree to pay for any damage to the track or replenishment of supplies (e.g. recharge of fire extinguisher, track signage, etc.) they cause, within ten days of written notice.

Information and Privacy Policy The purpose for collecting a driver’s information is to allow Shannonville Motorsport Park and Brack Driving Concepts to conduct their programs effectively. The primary uses are to enroll and classify a driver as a participant and for insurance and liability protection. Except to Shannonville Motorsport Park and Brack Driving Concepts’ insurance and legal representatives and regulatory bodies, where necessary or where permitted by privacy legislation, we do not disclose personal information to third parties without the owner’s express consent. Unless directed otherwise in writing Shannonville Motorsport Park and Brack Driving Concepts may advise participants of future driving events using the contact information provided. For further information please contact Brack Driving Concepts.

We require your consent, to the use and disclosure of this information in accordance with the Privacy Statement; to Shannonville Motorsport Park and Brack Driving Concepts obtaining a report from any schools you listed as having previously attended, as to your attendance/performance at them. You further give your authorization to Shannonville Motorsport Park and Brack Driving Concepts to use any picture taken of yourself and/or your vehicle while participating in our programs, for promotional purposes without restriction.