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Brack Driving Concepts is your source for advanced driver skills, fleet driver safety training, provision of custom driving events or precision driving talent for the media.

Our popular one day High Performance Driving – “Become the Best Driver” program provides advanced skills to drivers to become better in everyday driving. With participation in a multi-day program a driver can build their skills to participate in sanctioned racing, after graduating from our Race License Program with a novice race-license or to participate proficiently in open lapping and track days. Each driver is paired with a coach that will customize their approach with the outcome desired and skills of the individual driver.

This philosophy also is suitable for groups who wish a ‘custom’ event for customers, friends or clients to be organized.

The depth of talent of our coaches lends itself for us to provide precision driving for the media and film industry as well.

The Latest News

A Logistical Solution

Brack Driving Concepts to provide logistical support to H&M Motorsport Following the launch of the vintage E30 BMW M3 in 2019, enjoying many podiums and a few wins the relationship continues for 2020 says Crispin Hudson of H&M Motorsoprt. Michael Murillo of...

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Cars, travels and a cup of espresso

The Weekend with Brack Driving Concepts I was planning to go to this event for more than two years. From my first look at their lesson schedule to my actual participation, I drove over 50,000 km on at least 8 different cars. To be honest, my initial reason was to...

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The Random Truth About Tires !!!

Random Observations About Tires by Jeff Braun Random observations on high performance and race tires and how they are being used by many amateur drivers and crews, from a sports car engineer who has made all these mistakes (and many more) and continues to make...

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