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Brack Driving Concepts

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Brack and Associates organize and coordinate ‘custom events’, ‘advanced driving schools’ which include mature driver refresher programs and ‘Race licensing and coaching’ packages.

The purpose of Brack and Associates is to provide skills to every-day drivers to become better. To achieve this proficiency, we have developed Brack Driving Concepts which is based on our extensive experience in motorsport combined with the depth of talent in our instructor pool.

In delivering an improved driving experience, we have found our philosophy also to be beneficial to businesses wishing to launch new vehicles to their customers, provide a fun day to clients as a customer appreciation event or as a sales opportunity.

The Brack Driving Concepts programs are adjusted to improve the skills of everyday drivers on public roads, for those wanting to improve their competitive driving on race tracks or to qualify for a ASN Canada FIA novice B race-licence.