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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Brack Driving Concepts program hard on my car?

The total distance typically run at our program is 100km. There will be a little extra tire and brake pad wear but it is not substantial and probably not even perceptible. You will likely use most of a tank of gas! Your car must be in top mechanical condition with fresh brake fluid and a full tank of gas.

What do I do to get ready for the event?

Please refer to the Preparation Checklist.

How much do the programs cost?

The High Performance Driving course is a bargain at $320+tax for the day. The Advanced Racer Development is $420+tax and the Race Academy is $535+tax.

Why does my brake fluid need to be recently flushed?

Brake fluid is designed to absorb moisture to ensure your brake components do not corrode. This moisture absorption causes the boiling point of the fluid to decline over time and boiling fluid causes an unsafe decline in pressure to your braking system. This results in increased stopping distances in an emergency braking situation. All manufacturers recommend routine brake fluid flushing though owners often overlook it. We err on the side of safety and ask that your brake fluid be recently flushed.

What if I don’t like or communicate well with my coach?

Approach the Chief Coach with your concern. You will be reassigned. Don’t be shy; all coaches are aware that chemistry can be an issue. Our overall objective is for you to have an informative and pleasant day.

How many other cars are on the track at the same time?

We keep each driving group small, so there are rarely other drivers near you. In the event that another car approaches, there are designated passing zones. The car being passed must give a hand signal to permit the pass. A coach is in your car to ensure safety.

Will you hold a spot for me?

To be fair to those who have submitted a complete application with payment, we do not provide reserve spots until the application is completed with payment.

To sum up……

Your courses truly taught me the skills to avoid accidents with proper brake turn practice. Did save my life once and possibly more in the future. Thanks for teaching proper accident avoidance in your schools.” David H.