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Found this while cleaning up the archives, a real feel good story. Thanks Demi !!!


Hi there,

My name is Demitria Chalkias and I wanted to share a story with you that really helped shape a new perspective of life for me.

On September the 5th I had the pleasure of taking part in the Brack Driving Concepts track day at Canadian Tire motorsports Park (Mosport).  That was the greatest day of summer considering I didn’t get to race this season. Not racing really made me appreciate time on the track more than ever. But this one gentleman I gave a ride to made me appreciate life more than ever…

After one of the ‘hot laps’ out on track with the Lexus RC350 F sport, my passenger (who looked like he had the time of his life) turned to me and said that he beat his battle with cancer this year. During his time battling he really looked at his life and began to think about everything he hadn’t done and everything he might never have the time to do… He made a bucket list and racing around Mosport was one of the things on it. He thanked me for fulfilling that dream of his… I took him out a few more times with his son and wished I could have done more. Life is so precious and so fragile. Give thanks for another day, there are some out there that are fighting just to see another.

Thank you, Kanji for your generosity and for being a part of this beautiful moment in this gentleman’s life.

Thank you, Ken for all your hard work and for making that day possible for him…and for me.

All my best,

Demitria Chalkias